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August 9, 2011

Summer is coming to an end. As kids head back to school, the campo will get quieter, which I’m happy about. No more running around and stealing oranges from my tree! I hope you all enjoyed your summer, hot as it may have been. I feel for you on the heat- it gets up to 98 degrees IN my house some days. But when there’s heat, there’s rain, which cools off my roof and makes for nice napping weather.

Our recreational area project is coming along slowly but surely. We have finished the construction of the electrical control room, installed 3 electrical poles, held a ground-breaking ceremony, and have started construction on the bleachers. Here are some photos for your enjoyment!

Electrical Control Room

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Leveling the Ground


Installing Rod Before Pouring Concrete and Laying Block

Besides this, I spent part of July working with a youth camp at the Cigar Family School called Dedicado Al Planeta, or Dedicated to the Planet. We had 6 female volunteers come from Spain to work with us as group monitors for the camp. I gave a charla about the harmful effects of pollution and talked about the 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We took the kids to the Colonial Zone in the capital, and spent most days just playing games.

My service is quickly coming to an end. As most volunteers finish up their projects, I am diving into several here at the end. Serves me right as a procrastinator, but hey- it’s how I like to get things done! I’d like to do an art contest with students to choose a mural to paint on our bleachers once they’re finished, and also tutor some university students in English. Our National Business Plan Competition is coming up, and as the co-chair of the Competition Planning Committee, I’ll be busy at work preparing for that. I’ll also be the emcee! For those who know me from camp, you know I have no problem with the microphone. 🙂

Personal reflections on service and life to come soon.