Time for Fundraising!

Alright folks, the time has come.  My project grant is online, so start donating so we can TOGETHER build this youth rec facility!!! Learn more about the project by clicking on the link and by checking out the pictures posted below.

Click on the following link to donate:


These are some of the youth and young adults that enjoy playing basketball in my community. They would like to let you know that the ball they are holding is the ONLY ball they possess, and the happy, fat fellow pointing at his shoes would like to note that he is wearing two different tennis shoes and would be delighted to receive a donation of a new pair. His shoe size? I don´t know, big? (By the way, it is common and accepted to refer to someone´s physical features in many Latin American countries, even if you are calling them fat! His nickname is literally El Gordo, or The Fatty. Trust.)


We are going to take these old tires and recycle them into playground equipment and places to plant trees and flowers, just like in the two pictures below.


Filling tires with dirt and plants helps prevent the spread of dengue fever. Mosquitos love to use empty tires as a home.


Behind this sad excuse for a swingset are recycled tires.

We are going to landscape along the outside of this fence, planting grass and small palm trees, all the way to the outside of basketball court and the information technology center. On the inside of the fence, we hope to lay down gravel.

Here is where the bleachers will go. Once all funds come in, we will buy materials and begin construction. Also, we are going to install two posts with flood lights that will hook up to a generator so that we can play at night.

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