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In May, I started teaching a youth entrepreneuship course called “Construye Tus Suenos” to 20 youth from my community and the surrounding area. CTS is a business education program that empowers youth with the knowledge and skills necessary for developing a business. After participating in a course, the youth have the opportunity to develop their own business idea, write a business plan, and submit the plan to compete in a national competition. The winners will receive the funds needed to begin their business.


We need to raise funds through US donations to fund this years competition. Donate and read more here!

Listed below are last years winners and a description of their businesses.

Production Category

First Place: Fotovideo Alanna in Vicentillo, El Seibo.  A group of 5 young adults now are providing the services of a photo lab in their rural community.  Allowing the community to document the special moments in their lives and provide a progressive method of promotional opportunities.

Second Place: Diorama in Pedro Sánchez, El Seibo.  A young woman that has previously studied design is now providing the service of interior decorating.  For example: curtains, bedspreads, table cloths, pillows, etc.

Third Place: New York Pizza in Sabana de la Mar, Hato Mayor.  2 young women proposed a small pizzeria in the middle of growing tourist town.

Commercial Category

First Place: Cyber Smerling in Azua.  A young man is providing accessibility to the internet and computer skills on the main road through Azua.

Second Place: Colmado Anna in Batey 6, Bahoruco.  A young woman is providing her small batey with the accessibility to fresh goods in the form of a small mini market.

Third Place: Jamberson Agrikol in Anses a Pitres, Haiti.  A young man is now providing the local farmers with the necessary, but not so accessible, seeds and machinery to improve their level of agriculture.  This gentleman is one of our Haitian participants that gave his presentation in Kreyol.

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