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June 17, 2010

I´m currently in my ¨In Service Language Training¨ with professors from Entrena, the volunteer training center. I´d like to say that my spanish has improved by leaps and bounds!  I just received my first Advanced Spanish Grammar book. It feels good to finally get into the swing of things. Communication makes everything just a little easier.

My parents just came for an 11 day vacation. We had a wonderful time at the beach, in my site, and touring the colonial zone in the capital. In just 6 short weeks, I will be heading home to Indiana for a week long visit! Nadira and I will be going to Emily Longnecker´s wedding (wthr13 reporter, and friend.) I´m so excited! I plan on eating at Olive Garden, going to my home church, having a cookout, and enjoying my time the best I can with the people I love.

My projects are going well. I am teaching the entrepreneurship/how-to-write-a-business plan class to 20 youth from the five surrounding communities. My woman´s group is still making their cleaning product. We now have our own bottles and stickers. I just used a bottle to clean my house: smells so good! I also recently sold over 3000 pesos in higuero for my artisan group at an all-volunteer conference. Life and work have been up and down here, but lately things are going just like island life goes: suave.

The National Weather Forecast predicts an extreme active hurricane seasons, with a possible 23 named tropical storms with 8-14 of those turning into hurricanes. I may be spending some time in the capital if things get bad here. Crazy!

Right now I´m going back to my doñas house (with a host family for the week) to eat dinner, then it´s off to play pool and share some Presidente while watching the Celtics game. Yay for small sports bars!