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November 11, 2009

They have finally arrived… just a sample of my life here in the DR. If you´d like to view my photos, check out my recent photo album on facebook. If you´re not on facebook, GET ON IT AND FRIEND ME! (cough, james.)

Things are a bit challenging right now. I´m in my community, away from my fellow volunteers and taking on the daily challenge of listening and speaking spanish, understanding the needs of my community groups, and missing home dearly. I really appreciate all of your notes of encouragement, they go a long way!

Ani DiFranco is a happy and healthy puppy, making me and many others around me smile everyday… except maybe the chickens. She chases them. It´s cute. Ani can also be seen in my facebook album.

Well, it´s off to getting icecream, grabbing a bola back to Caribe (kind of like hitchhiking, but less dangerous), then off to playing billiards. A hard days work. *yawn* *stretch*