Saludos todos y todas.

So, I have a couple things to clear up. First, the name of my site is Caribe. I live in Caribe in the Caribe. Fantastic. El Verde is the town nearby where several of my artesans are from. Second, there are kacatas at my site. I was taking a nap the other day and I woke up and saw a little kacatita crawling up my wall. My dona took care of that, but not before I snapped a photo for proof. Hopefully soon I´ll find a way to put my photos on here. Third, I visited my site.

Caribe sits below the mountains. I´ve already been swimming in the very large and fantastic river located three minutes from my house with a mountain backdrop. The town actually used to be really really poor, so I´ve been told, but recently has been developed by the donations of the Cigar Family Foundation. Whenever you light up a cigar from this cigar company, boom- money to Caribe. The street is paved beautifully, the police station fenced in, the tobacco fields are gorgeous. And the Cigar Family Foundation school is a big project with a lot of project players. Now I´m one of them. The school is partially solar powered. They have several sustainable environmental projects- an organic honey farm, an earthworm garden project, and something to do with fish. I´m not sure what I will be doing with the school, probably many things with the students. Swim lesson project? I may have already been recruited..

My artesan group I have yet to meet. I took a nap and missed their meeting… oopsies. But I saw the stuff they make. They are indeed gords, but unlike the ones we see in Indiana. They look like big brown thin hollow balls that grow on a tree and then the artesans use a tool to engrave pictures and cut out holes to make little bowls, jars and lamps. I was told that I would be learning to make them too. Very neat stuff!

My amas de casa group welcomed me with a song! Then I was asked to give a speech, haha. Always gotta be ready for an impromptu speech here in the DR. I asked my project partner what the group does and wants. All that I was able to understand is that they basically want some income. So I said, alrighty then. We can make and sell floor clearer, shampoo, or menthol rub, all I learned to make during cbt. She seemed pretty excited about it. Once I learn to speak Spanish, we´ll figure it out.

I have a puppy! She is adorable, and her name is Ani DiFranco(a super feminist singer from the states.) I wanted to name her Ingrid Michealson, but I thought it would be a little difficult for Dominicans to pronounce. So Ani it is. She has flees… I washed her and got rid of many of them, but still some remain. I won´t really have her until I have my own house in three months. For now, she lives and sleeps outside with the rest of the pups!

I´m not at my site right now because I´m having some problems with my new bank account. No funciona. I have to wait here until Monday (since it´s the weekend) to go to the bank with Juan, the US embassy guy, and get it all straightened out. Good thing I´ve become bff with a Dominican! Now I get to eat good food, stay in hotels, and go to the movies/dancing. Such a sacrifice, I know.

Welp, gotta go turn the air conditioning up and watch Kill Bill Vol.2 in Spanish. Then it´s off to sleeping under my mosquitero, playing with my 5 year old host niece, and asking everyone “que dijiste?”.

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One Comment on “Corrections”

  1. nnk1 Says:

    Oh, wow, watching movies en espanol and living in paradise–what a liiiife! 😉

    I thought of the song “tengo la camisa negra” when I read “que dijiste”. JSYK. random tidbit. I used to have a love affair with Juanes back in high school until Chris Hansen caught him on To Catch A Predator.

    Okay, my comments are getting more silly by the sentence. Peace & Love! Can’t wait to smoke some stogies with you and indirectly help out kids by doing so. 😀

    Yours Truly.

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