Bienvenidos a mi vida en la republica dominicana!

Hola! This is attempt number 2 at this blog. Last time, my computer timed out and shut off in the middle of writing. I´m sitting in an internet center near my house, lucky me!

There´s so much to share that I´m not sure where to begin or what to say, especially given I have an alloted amount of time to use the computer. My keyboard is different… so I´m not sure where to find some punctuation.


Today I started my spanish class at my training center, and I loved it. I actually feel encouraged to be in class with those that are a little better at understanding and speaking than me, because it makes me feel like the staff sees my potential in learning quickly. I live in a host family home with a mom, dad, and three sisters. They all speak spanish only. My entire community speaks only spanish, with the exception of a few kids who are learning english. My oldest sister can understand some, but she never uses it. I also live with two chihuahuas! Very cute, very friendly. My house is small but cute. I have my own room with a lock on the door, which is PC policy. The shower doesn´t run, nor the sink, and the toilet doesn´t flush. I poor water down it and it flushes, when I get it right. Sometimes it just fills up and I get nervous about the idea of asking for help to flush after I´ve gone to the bathroom. Haha. To shower and such, we use buckets of water that are collected from the rain. It rains almost every day because it´s the rainy season, but it only rains for a few minutes. It feels good to cool down the air. When it rains, my sisters and my host dad run outside to collect as many buckets as they can. Though we don´t have running water, we do have electricity. At times the power shuts off, but we just flip it back on. I don´t use a hair dryer or straightener though, so you can imagine I am sporting a frizzy ponytail everyday… woot woot.

Today we learned how to use public transportation, los carros y los guaguas. Carros are like taxis, except taxis take you exactly where you ask, whereas carros just go down the street. Guaguas are busses. Dominicans fit as many people as possible into a car or bus. Cars fit 7 people, three up front, four in the back. Needless to say it´s extremely packed. My taxi rides in east asia were definitely not this crowded.

I´m understanding more spanish each day. My host mom is very encouraging- she tells people I meet that I don´t understand much but that I´m learning everyday. But in fact, I can now say it myself, yay! The mosquitos are baaaad, and they are sneaky. I haven´t felt any bites, but I´ll look at my legs at the end of the day and there are big red dots all over. They almost look like small bruises. Ew. Tricky tricky mosquitos. I sleep under a mosquito net, it´s a requirement.

Enough for now, I have to get ready for a game of baseball! It´s so common here, they jokingly say it´s their religion. Haha. I´ll update again when I can.


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6 Comments on “Bienvenidos a mi vida en la republica dominicana!”

  1. Chelsy Says:

    baseball is so freaking common there. kids play it on the streets all the time, as i’m sure you’ve seen.

    i will smack every single mosquito alive.

    i’m getting more and more jealous by the day. 🙂 beek.

  2. nnk1 Says:

    yay beisbol!


  3. Cousin Patti Says:

    Hey Sarah!
    I just looked at your blog, and I am on the phone with your mom as I type, listening to stories of your adventures thus far. Sounds like it’s already been fun and challenging. I look forward to keeping track of you and hearing how things are going.

    Love and miss you,

  4. gryphon711 Says:

    Wow! Your new life is so different, but somehow I am almost jealous. It seems like things are much simpler there. I am so glad your family is nice, and I bet those dogs are so cute! I’m going to be so envious of you when you come back and can speak better Spanish than me! lol. I love you so much and I miss you terribly. I think about you every day and I am keeping you in my prayers!
    ~Tu barquito.

  5. Sean Says:

    Que estés disfrutando de la DR, y la falta de agua y electricidad no te haga olvidar que eres una maquina de cambios mundiales 🙂

    También, hará 23.5 meses hasta que podré cocinar una comida para tí. Dedica mucho tiempo pensando en lo que yo debiera preparar.

    Estoy muy alegre de que te aproveches de las oportunidades de mejorar tu españól. No dudo que en unas semanas, podrás entender lo que he escrito 😛

  6. hola sarita, (holla!)
    sounds just like my experience (at least the electricity/water-issues). been thinking of you, wondering how you are. amber gave me your blog address on sunday (labor day week-end). i waited on that woman who drinks/eats hardly anything/stays forever/tips 20 cents. really thought of you that day!
    things here fine, not much new on my end. chickens are laying eggs, that’s about the biggest event in my life!
    best wishes to you, best of luck. i’ll be following your progress and might drop you a line via mail before too long.
    oh, endless pasta bowl-time at the og. started two weeks early: brings out the best!
    as ever, james.

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